Love, Death & Robots: Shape- Shifters

I had the pleasure to work on this great episode for Love, Death & Robots Netflix animated anthology. Please do take the time to watch the whole first season of the series on Netflix.I was in charge of creating multiple versions of Decker, Combat marines (excluding the heads) as well as all the uniforms (modeling and shading) that were later adjusted and used as a template for all of the characters though out the show.
Frenkie DeRosa did an amazing job adjusting Decker both modeling and shading wise
I also worked a bit on the dead body scene together with Romain but all the credits really go to him as I just did some final tweaks and post sculpting
Big shout out to Artem , Amy and Mario for their work on this!
I want to thank everyone at Blur, modeling, rigging, cloth, scene assembly and the whole production team did an amazing job! Massive respect to Sups Oded Raz, Darren Buttler and Jerome Denjean.

March 18, 2019